Proprietary and Innovative Resources

Bites, scratches, animal escape, workplace injuries, allegations of sub-standard care, and security breaches are just some of the common exposures facing veterinary and animal services professionals. In addition to caring for animals, veterinary and animal service providers are also tasked with the management of employees, day to day operations, and a myriad of other business responsibilities. A comprehensive risk management program is critical to protecting financial assets, professional reputation, and business operations.

The Safehold Special Risk Veterinary & Animal Services insurance program addresses these business and professional challenges. Since 1965, our program has offered a proprietary suite of insurance solutions for individual to national, multi-location veterinary practices, pet lodging and day care facilities, groomers and non-profit animal welfare organizations. Unlike most insurance providers, the Safehold Veterinary & Animal Services insurance program is led by a licensed veterinarian who understands the specialized nature of the veterinary and animal services industry. Our team of service professionals diligently work to support the needs of our veterinary and animal services clients.

Key Features

Safehold’s customized risk control services include monthly staff safety training materials, on‑site loss control surveys, and dedicated claim professionals who manage your claims to resolution. Our best-in-class team is committed to providing innovative solutions to a variety of animal service risks. We integrate proprietary and innovative resources while utilizing networked local and enterprise-wide collaboration to deliver customized results with positive, bottom line impact to your organization.

  • Single location to national multi-location veterinary practices
  • Household pet, large animal and equine veterinary operations
  • Specialty veterinary hospitals, including 24-hour emergency hospitals
  • Mobile veterinary practices
  • Veterinary behaviorists
  • Pet lodging and day care facilities
  • Pet groomers
  • Pet trainers
  • Humane Societies, SPCA’s and other animal welfare organizations with veterinary and shelter/kennel exposures

Business Owners’ Policy (BOP): Provides replacement cost coverage for property, general liability, business interruption and extra expense, and other important extensions such as employee dishonesty and animal damage to property.

Professional Liability: Included in the Business Owners Package to cover veterinarians, veterinary technicians, lay employees, residents, interns, externs, groomers, trainers and volunteers. Individual policies also available.

  • No “Hammer Clause”
  • Consent to Settle – no settlement without the veterinarian’s written consent 
  • Expert Witnesses - provided as necessary by legal counsel
  • Coverage area includes the US (including possessions), Puerto Rico and Canada

License Defense:

  • Coverage limit - $100,000 per year
  • Legal Counsel – highly experienced handling veterinary professional liability claims
  • Expert Witnesses - provided as deemed necessary by legal counsel

Animal Bailee: If an animal is injured, dies or escapes while in your care, custody and control you can be liable for financial damages.

  • Included in Business Owners Package
  • Coverage limit – begin at $50,000 per year. Higher limits available
  • Includes coverage while animals are in-transit
  • No per animal sub-limit
  • Coverage area includes the US (including possessions), Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Workers’ Compensation: Includes coverage for post‑exposure rabies treatment. Volunteer coverage also included for veterinary hospitals.
  • Business Auto: Special extensions of coverage are available for modified vehicles designed for mobile veterinary services.
  • Umbrella: Coverage for extra financial protection.
  • Employment Practices Liability: Liability protection from current, former and prospective employees against allegations such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and other inappropriate workplace conduct.
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability: Coverage for losses and/or defense costs in the event of a suit against directors and officers for civil or criminal actions.
  • Network Security and Privacy (Cyber): Protects business from losses due to a multitude of increasingly common electronic related threats.
  • Natural Disaster Protection (NDP): Flood, earthquake or landslide protection for buildings. Various options for specific perils are available.
  • Builder’s Risk: Protects property during construction until an occupancy permit has been provided.
  • Special Events Liability: Protects business for activities associated with a special event not covered in a standard liability policy.